Kollaboration Acoustic III: Promo Video!

The performers for Kollaboration Acoustic III got together to record and film this cover of Michael Jackson’s “Heal The World.”  Seen in the video are Alfa, Mike Isberto, Jinah Kim, Gerald Ko, Megan Lee, Yoori Park, Susanna Yoon.  The promo was directed by Roy Choi.

The show will be at the Ford Amphitheater in Hollywood, CA on 8/22/09.  You can purchse tickets for the show here!



Victor Lin Quoted in USA Today Article

victorJazzman Victor Lin was quoted in a USA Today article about why the year 1959 was so important to jazz music.  Commenting on the progression of jazz up to that point, Lin says:

“1959 didn’t just happen — jazz had been evolving all the way up through that point, and everything was headed that way,” says Victor Lin, a musician and jazz educator at Columbia University in New York and the Stanford Jazz Workshop in California.

Lin will also be presenting a seminar on 1959 at the Stanford Jazz Festival on July 29 (stanfordjazz.org).

Check out the full article here and some of Lin’s work here!  He’s pretty great…


Miles Fisher – Produced by Sean Han

Sean Han of Blip Blip Bleep is a multi-talented fellow.  In addition to fronting and songwriting for BBB, he’s also lending his producing talents out to other musicians.  His latest project is a collaboration with Miles Fisher, a talented singer, songwriter, and actor.  His new Sean Han-produced EP can be downloaded for FREE here!


The first track, “Don’t Let Go” is my favorite… The super hook-y chorus will have you singing along, no doubt.


Kollaboration NY – This Weekend!

That’s right folks… Kollaboration NY is almost here!

Kollaboration is an annual event and movement created by a small group of professional young Asian Pacific Islander Americans/Canadians, volunteering their time and skills to celebrate the vast talents of their community and hopefully bring them into the mainstream.

There will be a ton of great performances!  For more information and tickets, go to kollaborationnewyork.org.

In the meantime, check out this great promotional video.  It’s a remix of Ne-Yo’s “Closer”, put together by and starring Alfa, Vudoo Soul, G*LEE, the filmmaker David Shaw and the co-producers of Kollaboration Kym Pham and Jinny Jung: