Victor Lin Quoted in USA Today Article

victorJazzman Victor Lin was quoted in a USA Today article about why the year 1959 was so important to jazz music.  Commenting on the progression of jazz up to that point, Lin says:

“1959 didn’t just happen — jazz had been evolving all the way up through that point, and everything was headed that way,” says Victor Lin, a musician and jazz educator at Columbia University in New York and the Stanford Jazz Workshop in California.

Lin will also be presenting a seminar on 1959 at the Stanford Jazz Festival on July 29 (

Check out the full article here and some of Lin’s work here!  He’s pretty great…


Miles Fisher – Produced by Sean Han

Sean Han of Blip Blip Bleep is a multi-talented fellow.  In addition to fronting and songwriting for BBB, he’s also lending his producing talents out to other musicians.  His latest project is a collaboration with Miles Fisher, a talented singer, songwriter, and actor.  His new Sean Han-produced EP can be downloaded for FREE here!


The first track, “Don’t Let Go” is my favorite… The super hook-y chorus will have you singing along, no doubt.


Kollaboration NY – This Weekend!

That’s right folks… Kollaboration NY is almost here!

Kollaboration is an annual event and movement created by a small group of professional young Asian Pacific Islander Americans/Canadians, volunteering their time and skills to celebrate the vast talents of their community and hopefully bring them into the mainstream.

There will be a ton of great performances!  For more information and tickets, go to

In the meantime, check out this great promotional video.  It’s a remix of Ne-Yo’s “Closer”, put together by and starring Alfa, Vudoo Soul, G*LEE, the filmmaker David Shaw and the co-producers of Kollaboration Kym Pham and Jinny Jung: