Big Phony – Straight to Bootleg Volume 1

8.0 out of 10 | iTunes | Buy CD

We are obviously Big Phans of Big Phony (ha!) @ BIC. When Euge told me that he (Big Phony/Bobby Choy) was releasing a new album, I jumped at the opportunity to pull a double bill and review his previous album as well. We got the news that the new album was being postponed, which was providential as this reviewer wasn’t getting it done. But the new album has had its official release, so on to business…

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Thao with The Get Down, Stay Down @ Black Cat (and more)

thaoBeing on this side of the shores, I try to take advantage of as many shows as possible when I’m back stateside. On my last visit, I got to see Thao with The Get Down, Stay Down at the Black Cat in DC. This is a band I’ve been wanting to see for 2 years, but through re-scheduling and re-locating (by both parties), had not yet managed to do. So for me to finally get to see them in their hometown was nerdy-exciting. Were they as awesome as I thought they would be? Absolutely. Continue reading

Vienna Teng: Inland Territory

ZOE1125_Cover8.0 out of 10 | iTunes | Buy CD

When I finally sat down to listen to Inland Territory, Vienna Teng’s fourth album, it had already gone through the digitalization process, been purchased online and transferred to my iPod. It was, therefore, ironic to me that the first thing to be heard on the album is the sound of crackling vinyl. But this sound is somehow comforting and is no doubt a reference to several of her influences. Just like the heroes of the 60’s folk movement, Vienna Teng has written lyrics that are poetic and intelligent. And her classical training has heightened her song-writing abilities, which together form a style that is more complex than much of what is written today. Continue reading