Neah Lee – The EP

CD_cover_2009EP9.0/10 | Download CD

When I was first given the opportunity to review Neah Lee’s new EP I was optimistic.  When I actually got the chance to sit down and listen to Neah Lee’s new EP, I was in love.  Neah Lee’s hypnotic voice carries listeners off into another plane of existence.  I could imagine myself sitting alone in my room with this EP and feeling at peace with everything…her words and music are just that moving.  Although it’s only 5 tracks (4 tracks and 1 hidden bonus track), the EP, mixed and mastered by Robin Lai, is still chock full of substance.


“What Would I (WWI)” has got to be by far my favorite song on the EP.  It starts off with a fun head-bopping, toe-tapping tune and then you’re introduced to Neah’s voice and lyrics which are powerful and meaningful – the strategic pairing of her soulful voice yet whimsical music result in songs that are deep without being depressing.

“Pink Elephant” is the perfect song for staying in on a rainy day (since there’s been plenty of those in New York recently) with a large goblet of your favorite red wine to unwind after a long day.  With lyrics like “tears are meant to fall no matter how many times you try to forget them all,” who can’t relate to that?  Lee cleverly uses a loop voice effect which gives body to this song.  I truly would love to see this one performed live; in a coffee house setting preferably.

The last two songs on the EP, “Tragedy” and “Growing Pains” are both captivating – the music initially draws you in like a Venus fly trap and once you’re so immersed in its beauty it’s too late, you’re already trapped – but in this case, willingly.

Verdict: The only downside I can find to this album is that it leaves listeners yearning for more.

Reviewed by Monica

You can check out Neah Lee perform these songs live at The Waltz-Astoria (2314 Ditmars Blvd, Astoria, NY) – Friday, August 28th – 8PM – No cover, $10 food/drink min.

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