Sagaran Night

Bleud - Sagaran Night 7.17.09
July 17th at Fontana’s, NYC was Sagaran Night aka Indie Day Music Festival Part 2. Sponsored by Ugnayan, proceeds from ticket and merchandise sales went to help fund their participation in “DALUYONG: Surging to Confront the Crisis of Our Times,” the National Filipino American Youth Consultation in Los Angeles, CA which took place on the weekend of July 24-26, 2009. The lineup featured such bands as: Ave, Bleud, Urban Echo, Kilusan1898, Glass Rats, The Kuwagos, The Happy Analogues and Qwadra.

While the lineup of Filipino-American bands was indeed impressive, I was particularly interested in seeing for myself what all this hype for the new Bleud was about. In 2006 the band’s catch phrase was “Rock is back.” It’s now 2009 and Bleud is back! The new Bleud is more rock, less angst. With their debut gig only a few weeks behind them, the band is already a cohesive unit so much so that they seem like they’ve been playing together for years. Newest member Jowell Rilla takes over on drums, Ted Reyes on lead vocals, Jerwin Glorioso on bass and Arnold Derama on lead guitar. Bleud certainly has reawakened its fans b/c in a matter of seconds upon taking the stage, Fontana’s transformed into a gigantic mosh pit as the audience sang along and rocked out to favorites such as “Swing” and the every popular “Bye Bye Na.” The band also gave us a taste of some of their new material for the next album which they are currently recording. I think I can speak for anyone that’s ever been a Bleud fan – welcome back Ted, Jerwin, Arnold and Jowell; it’s great to see you guys together again on stage. Sagaran Night was definitely a long night but that just meant that it was packed with more music, more entertainment and thus more fun!

– Reviewed by Monica

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