Versus In The Open

Photo courtesy of Feliza Mirasol.

Photo courtesy of Feliza Mirasol.

What could be better than a nice summer night at the South Street Seaport with a cold one in hand and a free Versus performance?  After experiencing it myself, I can honestly say, not much!  All summer long, the Seaport Music Festival, presented by the River to River Festival, is featuring various bands in an open-air setting…for free.  That night, Friday, July 17th Versus opened for Super Chunk, an indie rock band hailing from North Carolina.

Versus, comprised of Filipino brothers, Richard and Edward Baluyut, Fontaine Toups and Margaret White, came out donned in matching black t-shirts to a pier filled with welcoming fans and onlookers alike.  It seemed that it was Edward, who won the prize for crowd favorite that night as I’m sure fans were glad to see the band intact once again.

As they did a few weeks ago at Mercury Lounge, the band featured several songs due to be released with their next album.  “Down to Earth” for example, is simply a lovely song with meaningful lyrics and a harmonic blending of instruments and voices – a true feast for the ears…it’s like buttah!  As the guy behind me put it, “they have a good sound, ya know?”  Yeah we know.

They closed with “Cicada” which Margaret starts on keyboard followed by the rest of the band joining in – to me it’s sort of like organ music meets rock and roll.  Any music fan will appreciate the complex structure yet melodic beauty of this one.  If these new songs are any indication of what we can look forward to with the new album then fans are truly in for a treat.  By the end, my feet were killing me and I was doused in sweat, but it was totally all worth it.

– Review by Monica

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