Chillin’ On The Town With Binky Bianca @ Grove Street Music Series


Jersey City, N.J.–On my way home from a tiring day at work, I decided to hop off the PATH train one stop ahead of my station and was rewarded by the sight of Binky Bianca band members setting up the stage for their set at the Groove on Grove 2009 Music Series. It was a balmy Wednesday night when the Grove Street station and nearby Jersey City neighborhood were treated to the Filipina-fronted rock band Binky Bianca.

With their punk sound and alternately bluesy jams, this Jersey City-based quartet ripped through 2 sets, giving the audience a taste of things to come in the first Binky Bianca album, which the band is currently recording.

Filipina vocalist Binky Veloria gives us sass and brass, her tough girl image rivaling that of Avril Lavigne in her early days. Yet Veloria’s songs are cleverly layered with a tongue-in-cheek meanness that elicits satisfied chuckles as in her popular song “Kitty Litter” and with the richness of amber whiskey when she huskily belts out “Absolute”.

Backed by bassist Mike Hettesheimer on vocals, Binky Bianca’s songs take on a beautiful harmony with Veloria and Hettesheimer’s blended voices. Rounding out the band’s raw sound are Anthony Murgola on lead guitar and Jason Estrada on drums. Yet, for all it’s rawness, Binky Bianca’s music is saved from sounding like any ol’ garage band by Murgola’s sophisticated and ofttimes piercing guitar riffs, licks and solos that elevate what would otherwise be “just another” punk rock band to a whole new level of coolness and style.

What better way to pass an early evening outing than with Binky Bianca, which delivers a huge wollop in a seemingly innocuous package.

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– Review by Feliza Mirasol, guest reviewer extraordinaire

One thought on “Chillin’ On The Town With Binky Bianca @ Grove Street Music Series

    It was a great night of music. Binky’s voice was great. The kind of voice that would make the likes of Joan Jett and Pat Benatar proud. The guitars were awesome. As I’m unfamiliar with all their material, I can only go by my senses. And on a couple of occassions, my senses were taken back to the Hendrix era…a certain style of guitar I’ve not heard since the original Woodstock days. Yes, they may be young, but when needed, these kids channel old souls to play. It was a good mix by some wonderful talent.I look forward to hearing them again and again and again…..

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