New Music from Alfa

Photo by Emily Tan
Photo by Emily Tan

One of our favorites, Alfa Garcia, has gone and posted a few new tunes on her MySpace (no doubt to whet our appetites for her upcoming album…).  These new tracks find Alfa in fine form, with vocals sounding better, perhaps, than they ever have in her career.   If these songs are any indication, her songwriting has taken on a more mature stance.  But don’t let the “m” word fool you… These songs are still filled with super singable hooks and the wordplay and poetry for which Alfa is known.

The quick rundown:

“Supergirl”  – Poppy, jumpy jaunt.  Woot!
“Don’t Write Your Goodbyes” – Strolling mid-tempo rock ‘n roll tune.
“Isabelle” – Alfa shows her songwriting depth, even dabbling in French… Oo la la!

Verdict: Can’t wait for the whole shebang.


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