It’s here! We are officially announcing the release of COMPILASIAN! Check the press release below:

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Run through 4/15/07

Who: Born In Chinese
What: Compilation album featuring 12 Asian American artists, entitled COMPILASIAN
When: March 15th, 2007
How much: $12

Today marks the official release of COMPILASIAN, the first album put out by the new Asian American focused record label, Born In Chinese. The 12-track compilation album features Asian American artists such as Johnny Hi-Fi, Big Phony, The Ides, Koo Chung, Cynthia Lin, Blip Blip Bleep and several others.

About Born In Chinese:

BORN IN CHINESE is an Asian American record label. Founder Eugene Song encountered that strange phrase several years ago as a misguided pre-med student. Uttered by someone in a fit of ignorance, it struck him as amusing, sad, and offensive all at the same time. But rather than be angered at those words, or simply laugh it off, he decided to use it to spread Asian American cultural awareness via music. Thus, he formed this company, Born In Chinese.

For the full story behind Born In Chinese and more information on the label and CompilAsian, please visit


Click below to purchase COMPILASIAN from CD Baby!

Buy the CD

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